How to use Genetic Calculator?

  1. Select the required parrot species at the intro page. A table of all known mutations for the species, their symbols and inheritence mode will appear. There is several different types of inheritence known and a list of all inheritance types known for the given species can be found at the bottom of the table together with links to a more detailed description.
  2. Select the mutation factors(genes) of both parents from the pair in their columns. There can be none, one, or two mutation gene for each mutation in every bird. The only exception is sex-linked mutation where the female can have only one or none mutation gene, but never two. In order the recessive mutation would appear, there must be two mutation genes presented. Otherwise, the bird appears "normal" and is only so-called "split" to the mutation. On the other hand, dominant or incomplete dominant mutation would appear already if only one mutation gene is present. The bird is said to be single(sf) or double(df) factored. If the bird has no mutation gene (has a natural color) do not select anything.
  3. The program does take into account recombinant frequencies to calculate crossovers for sex-linked mutations and also for blue and dark loci.
  4. Possibility to show only visual (no split) colors and to write out the genetic code
    can be checked at the bottom of the table.
  5. The GENERATE button will lunch the calculation and displays the result.
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